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Takedowns can be intimidating especially to jiu jitsu guard pullers who love the time they spend back to mat. 

Some of us spend our time in blissful ignorance until we’re faced with an opponent who is clearly comfortable on their feet.

Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you and invited stand up specialist John Marsh to teach you everything you need to know about standing up confidently in front of your opponent. 

John Marsh has a system in which he teaches you how to become a better grappler in your stand up and takedowns game. He does this by showing you how to analyse the situation. Teaching you how to attack and last but most definitely not least, how to counter your opponents defenses. 

This course will teach you how to develop your takedown skill as well as build onto what you already may know. Included are setups and finishes for the double leg, single leg and duck under. As well as snap down setups and finishes, russian tie and variations from the underhook. 

ENROLL TODAY and gain confidence in your stand up abilities

Course Curriculum


Double Leg Finishes

Double Leg Set Ups

Single Leg Set Ups

Single Leg Post Finishes

Single Leg Low Finishes

Single Leg Middle Finishes

Single Leg High Finishes

Duck Under Set Ups

Duck Under Finishes

Snap Down Set Ups

Snap Down Finishes

Russian Tie AKA 2 On 1



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