K Guard Kulture

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Are you having a hard time being offensive on the bottom? Or perhaps you’re looking to add new tricks to your toolbox of techniques. 

The growth in jiu jitsu over the last decade is exponential. Controlling and pushing the pace on your training partners is getting more and more difficult. However, this gives way to up and coming young guns like Josh Cisneros to develop modern games like the K Guard system he shows in his latest instructional “K Guard Kulture”.

The K Guard is a modern twist and a pathway to getting reliable control of your opponents’ legs. Not only can you use it to spam your opponents with attacks, you can also transition to well known guards such as the x guard where it’s easier for you to attack and harder for your opponent to defend.

Sweep and submit your opponents, rake up points on your side of the scoreboard and secure the win with Josh Cisneros’ “K Guard Kulture”

Target Audience

  • Those looking to become more offensive on the bottom
  • Those who struggle to establish traditional guards on their opponents
  • Those looking to add to their arsenal of techniques
  • Those who want to gain reliable control of their opponents legs

Course Curriculum


K Guard Entries

Key Details

Attacks From The K Guard

Sweeps From The K Guard

Backtakes From The K Guard

Matrix From The K Guard

More Sweeps From The K Guard


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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8 Ratings
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5 months ago
9 months ago
9 months ago
details helped evolve my game
10 months ago
Good instructions and details. Really enjoyed the course and easily was able to implement some moved into my game right away.
10 months ago
Solid and detailed overview of K guard in the gi. A good resource to have in your library!
11 months ago
Good info and easy fast explanations. I don’t think I learned a ton of new info but got a great review for playing K
11 months ago
Andrew Tovar
11 months ago
One of my favorite training partners and someone I really look up to. Great job on your 2nd instructional now I have both of them can't wait to get more
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • K Guard Entries
  • Key Details
  • Attacks From The K Guard
  • Sweeps From The K Guard
  • Transitioning To X Guard
  • A new way to smash your training partners

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