King Kneebar

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When people think about leglockers, most of the time they think of grapplers diving on the legs as opposed to being positional players. 

But who says you can’t have great control AND be dedicated to the art of breaking legs. 

Bendy and Katie Casimir, aka the dynamic duo that are known for their kneebar techniques and breakdowns, bring you a range of control points for maintaining the top position while constantly attacking the legs. 

In their latest course “King Kneebar”, you’ll learn how to use positions to help you isolate the legs while staying in constant control of your opponent. These simple yet effective techniques can be chained together, leaving you with a no fail system guaranteed to land a submission finish.

This course includes, the drysdale position, pigeon position, the victor control, side saddle and many many more. Not only that, you’ll also get a section on specific training designed to help you easily copy and paste these techniques into your game. 

Enroll today, rid yourself of cliche leglocker stereotypes and take your leglocking game to the next level.

Target Audience

  • Leglock specialists who want to add to their tool kit of details
  • Those looking to better control their opponents in leglocking situations
  • Those who want to better isolate the legs for attacks

Course Curriculum


Drysdale Position

Pigeon Position

The Victor Control

The Inverted Position

Specific Training


A course by

Student Ratings & Reviews

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3 Ratings
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2 years ago
2 years ago
A systematic approach to the Kneebar. Having loads of fun catching them with details I’ve never seen anywhere. Once you learn the control their toast! Magic!
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • How to better control your opponent when isolating the legs for attacks
  • How to implement positions such as the drysdale position, pigeon position, side saddle and inverted position
  • Specific training strategies

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