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Kitchen Tap

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Behold… The first-ever jiu jitsu cooking show/course!

Here at Jiu Jitsu X, we`re all about helping you improve. Our rapidly growing library of courses have you covered when it comes to most areas of your jiu jitsu game. Keenan even brought over a thousand lessons from Keenan Online.

All of that knowledge won`t serve you that well if your body can`t put it into action. Your body gets its fuel from the food that you put into it. If you don`t know how to cook to save your life… and you don`t have someone in your life to do it for you… Well, you do the math. This FREE course is here to give you what you need to start cooking basic dishes for yourself. So that you don`t quit at blue belt because you keep getting tired and roasted.

The Instructor.

While Miha Perhavec isn`t a professional cook/chef, he does believe in his cooking chops enough to take the roll of instructor in this course.

He`s best known for being reasonably successful in trying to tear people`s legs off at Polaris Professional (3W-1L). He`s been grappling for 18 years, 8 of those in Slovenia`s judo team and 10 on jiu jitsu mats around the world.

His hobbies include being the co-founder of Jiu Jitsu X, the co-owner of Legion American Jiu Jitsu, as well as long walks on the beach.

This course is FREE. All you need is a free Jiu Jitsu X account and you can watch all of the episodes.

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9 months ago
I watched it with my son and we both make great eggs now! A lot of good info.

3 years ago
Great information/opinions on breakfast for free. Can`t beat free.

The kidney bean dish did make me kind of want to ralph, mainly because I hate kidney beans. Also now slightly persuaded to buy a pour over device for my coffee.
3 years ago
Fantastic. 10 out of 10. Would cook again.
3 years ago
Great info for anyone want to keep their body at optimal performance.
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