Knee Bars Everywhere

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A multitude of knee bar set ups in Sambo and Brazilian Jiu Jitsu brought to you by Vlad Koulikov, ready to copy and paste into your game.

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Knee Bars Everywhere

Breaking Mechanics – Conventional Side00:00:00
Breaking Mechanics – Unconventional Side00:00:00
Basic Set Up00:00:00
Back Spin From Top Half Guard00:00:00
“Forklift” Threading Knee Bar00:00:00
Dog Bar00:00:00
“Pony Express”00:00:00
“Wizard’s Web”00:00:00
Knee Bar From Bottom Spider Guard00:00:00
“Helicopter” Knee Bar00:00:00
Knee Bar From Top Half Guard With Leg Trap00:00:00
Knee Bar From Bottom Half Guard00:00:00
Connection Between Saddle, Outside Ashi And Knee Bar00:00:00
Inverted Knee Bar From Saddle00:00:00
Escaping Mount To Knee Bar00:00:00
Two “Viking Ship” Entries00:00:00
Knee Bar When Opponent Escapes An Arm Bar Or A Triangle00:00:00
Two “Russian Cowboy” Entries00:00:00
Lat Bar And Achilles Combo00:00:00
Rolling Knee Bar00:00:00
Rolling Knee Bar From Turtle And Butterfly Guard00:00:00
Two Knee Bars Off Sumi Gaeshi00:00:00
Marina Mokhnatkina’s Knee Bar00:00:00
Dealing With The Knee Shield00:00:00
Competition Examples00:00:00

About the instructors

Started with Sambo Wrestling in 1984. Achieved “Master Of Sport” rank. Black belt in Judo. Black belt in BJJ under Rafael “Formiga” Barbosa. Owner of Koulikov Grappling Academy.
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