Lapel Manuel is a lapel guard manual. Packed with lapel guard wisdom from a stand-out competitor. Why and how does Manuel Ribamar stand out on the competition mats? That fact has nothing to do with his appearance and everything to do with two other things.

1. He wins a lot. Winning a lot and collecting gold medals make anyone stand out. Statistically and practically speaking.
2. He often relies on lapel guard to do the winning. Lapel guard is often associated with a particular American competitor (wink) and his disciples. However, Manuel is writing his own chapter of lapel guard excellence.

Ribamar particularly relies on innovations like the Polish worm rider (sometimes known as the Polish worm guard), which is regarded to be the best counter to someone kneeling while they are terrified of your lapel guard. He also brings forward a system of his own – Riba’s Guard. It is a comprehensive system of not, just sweeps, but plenty of submissions as well. Think of it as the love child of X-guard and squid guard. For the first time ever Mr. Ribamar is sharing his secrets in this department and offering you something unique.

How often do you get an opportunity to learn a guard system that almost no one is playing yet, except for the guy that’s winning tournament after tournament? Invest in your lapel manual.

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  • Lapel Guard Enthusiasts
  • For Those That Want To Implement The Newest Jiu Jitsu Technology Into Their Game
  • For Those Who Want To Lock In & Dominate Higher Belts

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Introduction To Lapel Manuel

Polish Worm Rider

Single Leg X Lapel

Ribas Guard


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This is my first Jiu Jitsu X instructional, and I can say it did not disappoint. The production and quality is all top-notch. The instructional looks and sounds great, the audio is very clear, and the the camera angles are great to see different perspectives of the technique. This instructional and the Lapel Encyclopedia are by far the best produced instructionals I own. The instruction is also very deliberate and concise, Ribamar doesn`t repeat himself a million times (which is pretty refreshing in the world of BJJ instrucionals) but he still gets his point across. The actual techniques are great too, if you are worried about crossover between this and the lapel encyclopedia, then you would be happy to know Ribamar covers entirely new ground. The instructional covers polish worm rider more in depth then the encyclopedia, and the slx lapel and Riba`s guard are completely new. The Riba`s guard is my favorite section so far. The guard is easy to set up if you have used lapel guards prior and works great. I hit a few hammer sweeps today with only watching that section once. Overall this is a great instructional to add more depth to your lapel game, or to start getting into the lapel game. Would highly recommend this instructional, or any other Jiu Jitsu X product considering how great this one was. Very excited to see any updates in the Future.

The Lapel Manual by Manuel Ribamar is a great addition to the systems delivery to the world by the Worm Lord, Keenan. It`s roughly split into three sections, based on common defences to lapel guards - Polish Worm Rider, Single Leg X Lapel and Riba`s own lapel guard, the eponymously named Riba`s Guard.

The PWR section effectively counters your opponents knee cut defence from a lapel lasso position, using the PWR to defend the knee cut pass and counter with sweeps and submissions. A highlight in this section is the Trick or Treat, which addresses a common PWR defence with a direct armlock/sweep.

The Single Leg X Lapel section takes a similar approach for when your opponent drops to both knees. If, like me, you have been studying lapel guards for a while now, you will know that this is a defence that opponents regularly use and it can be a frustrating challenge. Manuel addresses this a number of single leg x lapel techniques very effectively.

And finally, the section that most of us who have been following Manuel in competition, the Riba`s Guard. Manuel`s own creation is a sort of mixture of squid guard and single leg X. It`s familiar and new at the same time and if you are comfortable with squid, this looks like a very viable alternative to keep your victim guessing. Utilising your opponents obvious defence against them is one of the best things about jiu jitsu and Riba`s Guard does exactly that. I am yet to experiment with Riba`s Guard in a roll, but looking forward to battle testing it

Overall, this is a great additional to any lapel guard players arsenal, it will address a few defences that have been frustrating you and open up a new road with the Riba`s Guard.... I also feel it is just the start and that Manuel has more lapel tricks in his bag.... I, for one, am looking forward to the Lapel Manual Part 2!

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What Will I Learn?

  • How To Set Up The Lapel Guard
  • Polish Worm Rider Set Ups, Sweeps & Attacks
  • Single Leg X Using The Lapel
  • The Mechanics Of Riba’s Guard

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