This leg trap system is a great tool to add to your passing style. Trapping the leg and bringing the heel towards your opponents hip not only limits his movement, but also restricts his ability to frame with that leg, restrains him from establishing an offensive guard and helps you create the perfect pressure and angle to pass. From the leg trap, your opponent has limited reactions and in this instructional we go over what these options are and how to deal with them in order to get those 3 points.

Target Audience

  • Those who have problems passing
  • Those who like to pressure pass
  • Those who like to foot work pass
  • Those who like to connect different chains of techniques
  • Those who want to learn a new style of passing

Topics for this course

24 Lessons


Leg Trap Concept


Open Guard

De La Riva

Reverse De La Riva

Lasso Spider

Double Sleeve

Collar & Sleeve

Passing From The Leg Trap


About the instructors

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What Will I Learn?

  • Foot work passing
  • Pressure passing
  • Connect different passing options off reactions
  • Leg drag
  • Leg weave
  • Knee slice
  • Long step
  • Stack pass

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