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Give me a lever long enough and a fulcrum on which to place it, and I shall break your arm. –Archimedes. A course exploring the kimura as a transition attachment.

Hello, I’m Mike Gardner. 6 years ago, right after getting my blue belt, I broke my ankle from a bad landing on a tomoe nage. I couldn’t use that leg for a while so it made me focus on half guard and the knee shield. The Kimura quickly became my go-to move. Over the years I’ve developed a system revolving around using the Kimura to take the back. When our opponent defends the Kimura, they make a cool handle we can jam a lever (our arm) through and manipulate their posture.

Through this course we will talk about what the lever is, how to use it, the T Kimura position, how to enter it from anywhere, and a couple fun submissions. Hope you enjoy.

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The Lever

The T Kimura Position

How to Get to the T Position From Other Positions


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5.00 (4 ratings)

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You'll be surprised at how SIMPLE this system is as the moves and concepts in this course can be applied at any level from beginner to advanced to improve anyone's game. However, like everything in Jiu Jitsu, it will take patience and practice to do it as smoothly as Coach Mike. 5 stars, excellent course!

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