Monstrous Takedowns

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Berimbolos and guard playing are cool but an opponent who can pull off some monstrous takedowns will have you quivering at the knee.

That’s you, you can be that opponent. Become known for having an efficient stand up game and intimidate your training partners with your unbeatable takedown efficiency. 

Elder Cruz AKA El Monstro, brings you a simple gi wrestling system. This guy knows what he’s talking about when it comes to takedowns. Not only was his meteoric rise through belt rankings one of the fastest known to date, he’s also got a pretty impressive competitive record in both jiu jitsu AND wrestling.

In this instructional, he’ll show you how to use simple collar grips to enter high percentage takedowns EVERYTIME. Learn how to stay one step ahead of your opponent with techniques such as the single leg, double leg, ankle pick, setting up the fireman’s carry and many more.

Intimidate your opponents on the feet today with El Monstro’s “Monstrous Takedowns”.

Target Audience

  • Beginners who want to implement a reliable stand up game
  • Wrestlers dabbling in jiu jitsu
  • Masters folks who don’t want to berimbolo and play guard
  • Those who want to begin a match with 2 points on their side of the scoreboard

Course Curriculum

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4 Ratings
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Elder Cruz
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Course level:Beginner

What I will learn?

  • Simple & efficient takedowns such as the single leg, double leg, ankle pick and much more.
  • Gripping mechanics
  • Takedown fundamentals
  • Faking shots

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