No-Gi Competition Mindset

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Aren’t you absolutely tired of trying to figure out how to no-gi jiu jitsu all by yourself? It doesn’t have to be this way. You don’t have to struggle in bottom mount for the next couple of years while hoping what you learn in class a couple hours a week will be enough to reach that level you long strive for.

This right here is all the technique that brought Hugo Marques to the top of the NoGi Worlds podium 2X, and we compressed it for you in an easy-to-learn, easy-to-implement course. Learn Hugo’s favorite takedowns, and how to pass two of the most dangerous guards in nogi, the butterfly guard and the single leg x.

BUT WAIT! There’s more, not only will you get a better understanding of how to kill the butterfly guard and single leg x, you’ll also learn… LEGLOCKS! Because no nogi game is complete without them.

If there’s a secret to winning without the gi on, it would be takedowns, passing, and leglocks. 


Target Audience

  • Just started dabbling with the no-gi dark arts? This course is for you.
  • No-gi enthusiasts
  • People looking who are afraid of takedowns.
  • Those who want a better understanding of the no-gi standup game

Course Curriculum


Part 1: Takedown Principles

Part 2: Takedown Defense

Part 3: How To Kill The Butterfly Guard

Part 4: Learning How To Connect Heel Hooks & Leg Locks

Part 5: Passing Single Leg X & X Guard


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Course level:Intermediate

What I will learn?

  • Takedown Principles
  • Takedown Defenses
  • How To Kill The Butterfly Guard
  • How To Connect Heel Hooks & Leglocks
  • Passing Single Leg X & X Guard

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