Strength & Mobility For The Guard Player

Unleash your highest potential with world renowned team Electrum Performance. In this course, you place your trust in head coaches Alex Bryce and Alex Sterner who have helped numerous world champions become their strongest self through the supplementation of strength and conditioning programs. They will be taking you through evidence based tips and tricks guaranteed to increase your chances of success and decrease your risk of injury.

Electrum Performance · February 8, 2021

Jiu Jitsu is evolving, don’t get left behind.

Back in the day, the work put in on the mats was enough preparation for snatching gold medals. However, with the ever evolving nature of jiu jitsu, the demands of the sport have increased and slowly creeped up on athletes, manifesting in the form of extra injuries, extra time off of the mats and a situation where you walk with your hand behind your back like your 80 year old neighbour or heavily pregnant woman. You get the gist. 

With new techniques come new opportunities for failure…. and success.

We’re presuming you want to do jiu jitsu for a long time and without the impending doom of injury or God forbid, your arch nemesis showing off his new gym gains by crushing you into the mat like an annoying little jiu jitsu bug. We can’t guarantee that those things will never happen. However, we can guarantee that there’s something you can do to reduce the risk of those traumatic events occurring.

What can you expect in the course?

The solution exists and it potentially includes getting JACKED! (key word: potentially)

Strength and conditioning programs have become a crucial part of a jiu jitsu athletes protocol,  for not only preventing injuries but also increasing the bruising of your opponent’s ego, improving maximal strength and explosiveness for takedowns & sweeps and overall more time on the mats improving your jiu jitsu. And who better to lead you into the world of jiu jitsu S&C than jiu jitsu’s world renowned strength and conditioning team, Electrum Performance. 

A team of experts at your fingertips.

Alex Bryce and Alex Sterner, Head Coaches at Electrum Performance have helped numerous world champions achieve success through their research based programs designed specifically for the jiu jitsu athlete at any skill or experience level. These programs will help you:

  • Improve mobility
  • Increase isometric strength for better guard retention
  • Decrease risk of injury 
  • Gain exclusive knowledge from experts in the field of combat sports.
  • Improve body awareness 
  • Increase the time you spend on the mats.
  • Increase the amount of times you step on the podium.

Learn how to implement the correct strategy to secure wins and avoid time off the mat Enroll in this course today to begin using one of the best possible supplementations for jiu jitsu.

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