Tactical Single Leg X

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The Single Leg X position is the most powerful attacking position in jiu jitsu.

That`s quite a statement, and yes, it`s true, but what if you can`t even get there? Against an experienced opponent, achieving the single leg x position is no cakewalk.  Whenever your opponent gets the hint you`re attempting to enter the single leg x, you know what they`re going to do. They`re gonna avoid it like the coronavirus! Their hips are going to shoot back and they`ll quickly turn into stiff-arm-magoo. And okay, let`s imagine you beat stiff-arm-magoo and enter the position unscathed. Now you`ve got a new list of problems… Maybe it`s a knee driving into your chest giving you that claustrophobic feeling, or maybe your opponent is standing super tall avoiding all the attacks you`ve planned to use.

Don`t panic, there`s a hero at the end of the tunnel, an answer to this dream turned nightmare. Allow me to introduce myself… My name is Darin Conner DeAngelis, aka DC, and through 8 years of study and dedication to the guard, I took the mission upon myself to learn the key details everyone has left out of their instructionals, and made the ultimate single leg x course.

The Tactical X.

After watching my course, you`ll be equipped with everything you need to master the single leg x… Tactical X = competition tested. Foolproof entries into single leg x from a competition-proven system that works. I`ll show you a compiled list of entries from positions that all tie together based on the reactions of your opponent. You`ll never have that lost feeling again and will always have a way to get to your home base position – the single leg x.

How to Control From The Single Leg X Based On The 3 Reactions Your Opponent Will Give You.

Now you can stop worrying about losing the single leg x when you get there. I will show you when, why, and how to use the pants control, overhook control, and underhook control from single leg x. Through my course, you`ll learn exactly what to do and how not to get passed when your opponent puts their far knee on the mat, puts their knee on your chest, or stands tall.

The 3 Ways To Collect Your Base And Sweep From The Single Leg X.

Keep your opponent constantly off-balanced and in a state of confusion with the three different stand-up techniques from single leg x. And yes, I will be going over my famous seagull stand-up variation! Plus plenty of other secrets! I have tested my techniques, time and time again, on the international stage building an impressive hit list… My goal is to make what I will teach you easy to understand and to make you feel like you are sitting on the mat learning directly from me. Now, the choice is yours… you can continue to be stalled and just forget about the most powerful attacking position in the game… or, you can learn to always force the action from the single leg x. I`ll be right here waiting for you.

– Conner DeAngelis

Target Audience

  • This course is for the person who wants to master the strongest guard in jiu jitsu.
  • For the individual who wants to improve their single leg x guard and understanding of guard playing overall.
  • Tired of people back stepping out of your x guard? This is the course for you.

Topics for this course

53 Lessons

De La Riva Guard Control & Entries

Cross Collar Guard Control & Entries

Collar Sleeve/ Collar Pants Control & Entries

Entries Outro

Sweeps Intro

Sweeps & Control (Opponent Far Knee On Mat)

Sweeps & Control (Opponent Knee On Chest)

Sweeps & Control (Opponent Stands Tall)

About the instructors

Who is Darin Connor Deangelis?

Born in South Carolina, and currently 23 years old, DeAngelis arrived in San Diego in 2015, after his former SC training partner Dominique Bell referenced the team a few years prior to the move. 


Dominique was Darin’s friend and training partner from South Carolina, and someone Darin looked up to and admired. He was still in high school when Dom told him he was moving to San Diego to train at Atos HQ. To young Deangelis that was the coolest thing he’d ever heard. 

He told himself, if Dom can do it, so could he. He promptly moved to San Diego to join the world renown Atos HQ, under Andre Galvao


Darin competes in the middle-heavyweight category and is very well known for his unique top pressure and efficient guard style.

He has had incredible competition success including both gi and no-gi world titles at the blue and purple belt levels. During his time at blue and purple belt he was able to achieve rank #1 in both the IBJJF and Flograppling ranking systems. In 2019 he won the IBJJF World Championships as a purple belt to earn his brown belt from Andre Galvao. At brown belt he found much success by winning multiple super fights and the extremely difficult Rio Grand Slam tournament in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil. 

Not only does Darin have an impressive competition record, but he also has extensive teaching experience. He has taught numerous seminars in the United States, Korea, Europe, and even Brazil. In 2019, Darin went on a seminar tour in Brazil with Andre Galvao, and taught in his second language, Portuguese.

Darin eventually made the move from Atos, to Legion AJJ. He expressed that the move was done due to his desire to learn more about the business side of jiujitsu, which Keenan was well versed at. 

You can always find Darin on the mats for hours and hours every day, either teaching, training or drilling. He truly is dedicated to perfecting his art.

Check out his youtube channel with a multitude of jiujitsu techniques and more, here.

5.00 (12 ratings)

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Loved it

This is a great instructional. I really enjoyed how extensively DCD covers everything that encompasses SLX. DCD extensively covers the various ways to enter SLX, what your opponents reactions will be, and then covers how to respond to your opponents reactions in order to nail the sweeps/takedowns. He does a great job explaining the “why” behind everything he demonstrates which is especially important to me as a white belt 🙏🏼

This DVD will literally change your DLR game from a blue belt to a world class brownbelt/blackbelt DLR/Single leg x system.

Mr. Deangelis has some of the best instruction I have seen in my life. I had the opportunity to even talk with him on the phone and man the amount of thoughts that went into his DVD is amazing.

By and large, and the reason why I think this DVD is literally the best one on this site, is because Conor teaches a FULL SYSTEM. There is a not a single DVD imo that truly gives a full-circular system like Conor does. He literally gives you the reaction to the reaction to the reaction. The man is a genius and you`d be a total fool for not buying probably the best DVD of this year.

Very informative on small details you could potentially miss that make a big difference. The million entries became a little repetitive, but other than that, very solid instructional. I had been watching DC and incorporating the "seagull" variations as a big part of my game for a while now, glad to add some more variations though.

This is the most inclusive instructional on the market for SLX. DC covers all of the sweeps you expect to see, but goes in to detail on what grips you need as well what to do when your opponent changes their grips to try to pass or stall against you. On top of that, the entries from multiple guards deal with multiple situations and provide you with a roadmap to get SLX which is not easy versus the experienced practitioner. Highly recommend.

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to enter the single leg x position from de la riva.
  • Learn how to enter the single leg x position from cross collar guard.
  • Learn how to enter the single leg x guard from collar sleeve guard.
  • Sweep from the single leg x guard when your opponent has their knee on the mat.
  • Sweep from the single leg x guard when your opponent has their knee on your chest.
  • Sweep from the single leg x guard when your opponent stands tall.

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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