Takedown Counter Submissions

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Looking to level up your Wrestling but keep getting submitted when shooting in for takedowns? So much so that you’ve started to dislike wrestling? This course is for you. 

PJ Barch brings you “Takedown Counter Submissions”, a course for the struggling wrestler and lover of the stand-up game. PJ is the perfect candidate for your submission struggles. He’s got extensive experience both defending and attacking from stand-up being a former wrestler and MMA fighter. As well as successful submission hunting competitor.

In this course, he’ll teach you to understand why and how your opponent applies submissions when you attempt takedowns so that you can truly understand the defense. Learn to use your opponent’s attacks as an opportunity to win the exchange and come up on top regardless of the situation.

In this course, you’ll find out how to apply high percentage submissions from the takedown situation. These include the guillotine and the kimura. Not only that, but you’ll also find an extensive array of techniques detailing how to counter these submissions. Included are also details on how to defend the anaconda and the darce. As well as troubleshooting submissions like the guillotine when the fight is taken to the ground.

Enroll today and be prepared to attack and defend in any submission-orientated stand-up situation with PJ Barch’s “Takedown Counter Submissions”.

Course Curriculum


Single Leg Counter Submissions

Double Leg Counter Submissions

Standing Front Headlock

From The Back

Defending Front Headlocks

Troubleshooting The Guillotine From Guard

Defending The Anaconda

Defending The Darce

Dealing With Kimura In A Single Leg Situation


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