The Pass Key – Guard Passing Concepts

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Passing guard when you first start jiu jitsu may seem like an impossible task. Training partners quickly tangle you in their limbs and before you even begin to try and pass, they’ve already locked in their guard and you can tell the sweep is inevitable.

However, contrary to popular belief, guards are not all impassable. They all have certain components to them and these components can be deconstructed if you have the correct technique to do so. 

Margot Ciccarelli is the woman for the job. 

Fresh off the Worlds podium, Margot is here to let you in on her guard passing concepts. These concepts are a set of analogies, key details and drills designed to firstly help you easily learn and remember techniques and secondly to effectively copy and paste them into your training regime. Margot has also included a section on how to train efficiently using positional sparring and drills. 

Give yourself the best chance at better guard passing capabilities with Margot’s “The Pass Key” 

Target Audience

  • Beginners
  • Those who want to perfect fundamental skills
  • For the people who are unsure of where to begin when passing guard
  • Those who want to learn how to train in the most effective way possible

Course Curriculum



How To Train

How To Pass The De La Riva Guard

How To Pass Spider Guard & Spider Lasso

How To Pass Single Leg X & X Guard

Movement Exploration


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Student Ratings & Reviews

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8 Ratings
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6 months ago
extremely helpful! her conceptual tips are eyeopening, and her tips on how to drill are game changing. thank you!
2 years ago
I really like the sense of freedom in this course. Take the concepts/fundamentals and pass guards using body movement and mechanics instead of a rigid, step by step approach. Thanks professor Margot
2 years ago
2 years ago
A huge shout out to Margot for releasing this instructional. I had the pleasure of going to one of her seminars in my hometown. Loved her approach to BJJ and her philosophy. So much so I had to check out at least one of her instructionals. This has greatly changed my approach to passing open guards. I do believe there is something for everyone in this instructional, no matter what belt level you are.(I'm currently a purple belt as of writing this review) Thank you Margot.
2 years ago
Margot’s philosophy is absolutely on point! Understanding that it is truly fluid as it is basically an action-reaction-action between humans, having micro goals that leads to the bigger goal is huge! I am a fan of not using force especially being older and weaker, learning when and where, defining guards to untangle backwards was amazing! Thank you!
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Course level:Beginner

What I will learn?

  • Guard Passing Concepts
  • Easily Implemented Key Details
  • How To Train Effectively
  • How To: Positional Sparring
  • How To Give Feedback

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