Zanetta Poretti – 1:1 Coaching

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Welcome to my one on one coaching program.

This is a big deal, as it is the very first step on your journey to finally gaining some structure in your training, and building a system to help you develop your jiu jitsu at a far greater rate than you currently have been.

I’m thrilled to get started on this journey with you. Over the next 9 sessions, we’ll be working together on you and YOUR game.

This is more than just an instructional, it’s actual coaching in which I will be invested and OBSESSED with your progress. Whatever that looks like for you.

That’s right, not only will we be working on developing your game, we’ll be working to develop a better YOU, both on and off the mat as a jiu jitsu practitioner, competitor or instructor.

Working together we will be diving deep, from personalized workout programming catered to YOU which will be updated every call, mental coaching if needed especially for competitors, and I will be following your journey VERY closely. Keeping you accountable and motivated every step of the way.

I’m going to share knowledge with you that took me some serious years of trial, error, blood, sweat, and even a few tears to learn. Including the specific mistakes I made, so you don’t need to make them, and the ah-ha moments that 10xed my results on the mat that I haven’t shared anywhere else.

Trust me, by the end of this course you’re going to feel killer confidence in your game and in yourself!

Are you ready?

Great. Let’s go!

Target Audience

  • Competitors looking to sharpen their skills for future competitions
  • Competitors seeking help with mental preparation before competitions
  • Students seeking actual structure to their training
  • Students needing a guide / someone to keep them accountable through their jiujitsu journey
  • JiuJitsu athletes looking for a workout regime to up their performance on the mats

Course curriculum

37 Lessons

How To Start The Match

Pulling Guard Effectively00:00:00
Pulling Guard On An Aggressive Opponent00:00:00
How To React To Your Opponents Guard Pull00:00:00
Swing Single Takedown00:00:00
Double Leg Takedown00:00:00
Book Your Call With Zanetta00:00:00

How To Enter & Maintain Your Open Guard Effectively

Sweeping Your Opponent From Open Guard

Passing Open Guard

Passed Your Opponents Guard, Now What?

Submission Finishes

You Got Your Guard Passed, Now What?

Taking The Back

Putting It All Together

About the instructor

5.00 (2 ratings)

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What Will I Learn?

  • Learn how to properly structure your training
  • Get a personalized strength and conditioning program from a qualified personal trainer
  • Have a coach who is personally obsessed with your progress
  • Gain mindset coaching in preparation for competitions & training