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Zanetta Poretti – 1:1 Coaching

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Target Audience

  • Competitors looking to sharpen their skills for future competitions
  • Competitors seeking help with mental preparation before competitions
  • Students seeking actual structure to their training
  • Students needing a guide / someone to keep them accountable through their jiujitsu journey
  • JiuJitsu athletes looking for a workout regime to up their performance on the mats

Course Curriculum

How To Start The Match
Throughout the duration of this topic, I will take you through every possible scenario for the very beginning of a match/roll. Wether your opponent pulls guard, plays takedowns with you or you wish to pull guard effectively yourself. We're covering it all.

  • Pulling Guard Effectively
  • Pulling Guard On An Aggressive Opponent
  • How To React To Your Opponents Guard Pull
  • Swing Single Takedown
  • Double Leg Takedown
  • Book Your Call With Zanetta

How To Enter & Maintain Your Open Guard Effectively
Entries and Set-ups are undeniably important for pretty much every aspect of jiujitsu. Even a sick sweep you have in your arsenal won't work if you don't have an effective entry.

Sweeping Your Opponent From Open Guard
Okay, now that we have learnt how to properly enter & maintain our guards, let's get onto the good stuff. Sweeping your opponent is not only cool, but a great way to score some much needed points in a competition. If you're down on points and your opponent is on top you need to have a clear and concise plan to put them on their back. Let's get into it.

Passing Open Guard
It just wouldn't be fair if I only taught you how to sweep from your guards without actually showing you how to pass them in the likely event you get stuck in them yourself. The best way to understand a position is to understand both sides of it. The attack & the defense.

Passed Your Opponents Guard, Now What?
Okay, you have successfully set up your guard, you've swept your opponent, passed their guard & put in so much work to execute all of that perfectly. It would be a damn shame if that all went to waste because you didn't have a game plan in place to execute after you've passed. Lets work on that

Submission Finishes
While generally the rule is position before submission, the most definite and best way to win a match is to tap your opponent out. A submission is final, there is no arguing points or refs decisions. Being a dangerous submission hunter and keeping your opponents on the defense will aid you ten fold during your competitions and general rolls.

You Got Your Guard Passed, Now What?
God forbid you ever fail to maintain your guard and your opponent passes, but just incase you need to have a solid game plan to escape the horrible positions to be stuck in that don't consist of just benching them off you.....

Taking The Back
We're now at my favorite portion of this course! Taking the back is my favorite game to play, I think that's because even against a larger stronger opponent, a well planned out back take is very high percentage. Become the koala.

Putting It All Together
This is where were putting everything we've learnt during this course together. When I show how it all comes together I think you'll see where I was going with this. By now you should have at least an Idea of how to make your game completely well rounded game. You should be dangerous and competent from every position. Thats the goal.

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What I will learn?

  • Learn how to properly structure your training
  • Get a personalized strength and conditioning program from a qualified personal trainer
  • Have a coach who is personally obsessed with your progress
  • Gain mindset coaching in preparation for competitions & training

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