• 19 Lessons

    16 Armbarz

    This course isn’t just about getting to the armbar, it’s about finishing it with complete and utter confidence whatever the situation. Nathan Mendelsohn welcomes you to a position he calls the “kill zone”. From here, feeling that double tap from your opponent is only a matter of time and patience. With 16 options for armbar finishes, your opponent will be thrust down a funnel of submission attacks ending in guaranteed victory.

  • 29 Lessons

    Miyao’s Gambit – Open Guard Submission Set Ups

    Open Guard Submission Setups Brought To You By Paulo Miyao

  • 25 Lessons

    Pinpoint Passing

    In this course, Gianni shows you techniques he’s been working on for years. Techniques that have been drilled daily and competition tested. There is only one location we’re trying to get to, with the pinpoint directly located on the guard pass. 

  • 27 Lessons

    Major Inner Reaper

    This course exists for one reason. To give grapplers of all experience levels the tools required to begin using a highly versatile and effective judo throw - the ouchi gari. You'll learn the basics, the judo origin, anti-guard pulling applications, nogi, combinations, counters and everything in between.

  • 30 Lessons

    Lapel Slayer

    The Lapel Slayer course is an act of sabotage from Keenan Cornelius, who hasn’t been impressed with the counters that were presented to his lapel guard system. That’s why he’s putting his own ways to defeat various lapel guards into this highly exclusive course. 

  • 21 Lessons

    Vortex Of Death – A Back Taking Series

    Kristian Woodmansee is here to show you how to latch onto your opponents’ back with a strategy he’s created and implemented internationally. The Vortex of Death is a protocol that contains a sequence of submissions and controls ready for you to spam your opponents with. Take, maintain and submit from the back with ease. 


  • 11 Lessons

    The Off Balancing Act

    Margot Ciccarelli is a uniquely articulate jiu jitsu teacher. Her courses are full of concepts and drills that most instructors won’t be able to teach you. This time she’ll be showing you how to strategically off-balance and sweep your opponent from various guards.

  • 8 Lessons

    Headquarters Passing

    This course will make what you perhaps once thought was a bad position, into just another option for you to punch your ticket to side control or mount.

  • 8 Lessons

    Leg Locksmith

    The leg locksmith, Gannon Lang, is here to take you through his detailed leg locking guidebook. This course features the breaking mechanics of the straight ankle lock, kneebar, toehold and heelhook. Enroll in this course and get access to key details on how to transition from one submission to the next, inevitably securing the double tap both on the mat and on the gram. 


  • 7 Lessons

    Get To Darcin’

    Make the tap inevitable with Breylor Grout’s (aka JR) latest course on

    Find out how to set up darce chokes by threatening guillotines. Think of this as a major in darce chokes with a minor in guillotines. This instructional includes finishing mechanics, proper gripping details, set ups from a number of different positions and last but not least a sneaky darce section where you’ll learn how to catch opponents’ when they’re sleeping, SURPRISE!

  • 7 Lessons

    Keenan Online Recent Uploads

    Looking for the latest and greatest from Keenan Cornelius? Find all of Keenan's recent technique uploads here. Updated frequently.

  • 8 Lessons

    Drag The Leg

    Join Austin Fraley, head of Legion HQ’s Eaglets Program, in his first ever instructional at At just 23 years of age, Austin already has almost 10 years of jiu jitsu teaching experience under his belt and now he’s ready to show some of his best kept details with the jiu jitsu world.

    Enter the leg dragging lab where you’ll find multiple ways to use the leg drag technique from multiple situations. This course will benefit both you and your medal collection (defaults not included).

  • 12 Lessons

    Protected: 1:1 Training With Zanetta

    There is no excerpt because this is a protected post.
  • 5 Lessons

    Welcome To Jiu Jitsu – A Beginner’s Guide

    Join Peter Iacavazzi, 4th degree black belt, X2 World Champion,  X6 Pan Champion AND US Armed Forces Combative Program instructor, in his latest course Welcome To Jiu Jitsu. 

    In this course you’ll find all the basic principles of jiu jitsu to help you develop a solid foundation for techniques. You’ll learn how to properly engage in combat, solidifying your base and stance, how to link movements together and most importantly how to keep yourself safe as a beginner jiu jiteiro.

  • 8 Lessons

    Passing With A Side (Of) Smash

    This course is dedicated to the 3 horsemen of smash passing... the over under, the over over, and the side smash. Join American brown belt phenom Darin Conner DeAngelis and learn how to become a guard smashing machine. The level of knowledge included in this premium passing course is guaranteed to work regardless of your weight division.

  • 9 Lessons

    Major Outer Reaper

    The Osoto Gari is a beautiful technique because it is an ancient weapon of a throw. It is an easy throw to learn for beginners but it gets more dangerous with practice. This course is an affordable and honestly guaranteed way of learning the osoto gari the way it's done in judo, jiu jitsu, no gi and even... self-defense. Get in there!

  • 7 Lessons

    Enter The Tomb

    Hop into the Jiu Jitsu X time machine and get ready to be transported into a world where the egyptian Gods are reigning once again. Anubis, once god of the afterlife, has now been resurrected by Gannon Lang. This time he possesses the role of guard keeper in the form of the Anubis guard. 

    Enter the tomb and find out how to utilise the Anubis guard system with positions like open anubis, closed anubis, the sarcophagus and the tomb brought to you by Gannon Lang, next generation lapel player.

  • 20 Lessons

    Catch These Hands

    UFC Championship wrestling coach Darryl Christian is here to share with YOU everything he knows about the art of grip fighting. The techniques and ideas Darryl shows you inside this course have worked with UFC champions, Olympic champions, and multiple ADCC medalists. If you’re someone that wants to level up their stand-up, this is the course for you.

    This course contains grip fighting tips & tricks plus many ways to close the distance between you and your opponent so you can take your opponents down or harass them with front headlocks. Enjoy.

  • 35 Lessons

    Modern Passing Mindset

    Introducing the latest passing system brought to you by Nick Salles and Danny Maira (you may also know them as the Bolo Bros). This course entails a modern solution to the jiu jitsu equation of how to efficiently pass the guard. With concepts and details on how to anticipate and unwind your opponent’s reactions to your advantage. This course will have you feeling prepared for any guard passing situation with key info on how to deconstruct your opponent’s guard. Frame by frame, grip by grip, the pass is inevitable.

  • 11 Lessons


    Nick Salles and Danny Maira are back and this time, they’re bringing you their latest guard playing mechanisms. This course is based on the keymaster which is the literal key to locking in your opponent and dominating any passing position they attempt.