BJJ Business Blueprint

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Are you ready to take your jiu jitsu academy to new heights in 2022? Or perhaps you’ve been contemplating the idea of starting your own venture, but not sure where to begin. Making money as a jiu jitsu practitioner can be difficult and the idea of business may seem daunting. However, with this course, you’ve got all the resources and information you need to put you on a one way train to success.

Who is Nakapan and is his academy successful?

Nakapan Phungephorn has over 30 years of experience training, competing and teaching martial arts. In 2008, he founded BETA Academy in Washington DC, which has grown exponentially over the years with hundreds of thousands of students passing through their doors. It is now the largest martial arts school in the nation’s capital.

“BJJ Business Blueprint” is the ultimate guide on how to set up a successful jiu jitsu academy with strategies that have been battle tested and proven to bring you both the most financial benefit and purpose. 

It takes you through all the concepts you need to know, from A-Z, in 8 different modules. This includes setting up a game winning foundation for your business, business models you need to implement to maximize profits, a guide to price plans and memberships, a master marketing strategy, hiring and managing an A-team staff and even how to manage your taxes and retirement fund. 

“Business Blueprint” is the first step towards financial freedom. Break out of the financial matrix and begin building your legacy today.

Target Audience

  • Academy owners
  • Academy managers
  • Athletes looking to open their own academy
  • Ambitious academy employees

Course Curriculum


Module 1: Game Winning Ground Work

Module 2: The BJJ Business Model

Module 3: Perfect Price Plans

Module 4: Marketing Mastery

Module 5: The Ultimate Sales Funnel

Module 6: Assembling A Black Belt Team

Module 7: Key Performance Indicators

Module 8: The Tax Closed Guard


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What I will learn?

  • Game Winning Foundations For Setting Up Your Business
  • The Ultimate BJJ Business Model
  • Perfect Price & Membership Plans
  • The No.1 Marketing Strategy
  • The Ultimate Sales Funnel
  • How To Assemble A Black Belt Staff Team
  • Managing Staff, Taxes & Retirement

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