Butterfly Effect – No-Gi Butterfly Guard System

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Gabe Tuttle is a hot commodity in the jiu jitsu world right now as the head instructor at 10th Planet Austin, TX. Jiu Jitsu is booming over there and Gabe is a part of it, teaching hundreds of students weekly in the ways of nogi. For this course, we have contracted him to teach you some butterfly guard. Besides being a seasoned competitor and Richie Martinez black belt, Gabe also has clients like podcast and martial arts titan Joe Rogan.

Why butterfly guard? 

Butterfly guard is the type of technique that our jiu jitsu ancestors were practicing all the way back whenever submission grappling began. It is timeless. In the modern nogi game butterfly guard is highly effective when your opponent decides to pass from the knees. It offers paths to elevations to prepare for leglocks. It also has several strong sweep options to get you in a position to smash your opponent.

Gabe playing butterfly guard against the legend Caio Terra.









How to get the most out of this course?

Follow along as Gabe takes you on a journey through two major subject matters. Sweeps and submission attacks. Along the way you will not only learn how to go from bottom to top by using the butterfly guard or how to enter into a variety of submissions… but also the concepts that will prevent your guard from getting passed.

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