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Let us introduce you to Austin Fraley, Legion HQ Eaglets Instructor, young gun,  fearsome brown belt, and professional leg dragger. Don’t let his age fool you, although he’s young, Austin brings wisdom to the table beyond his years. With almost 10 years of experience in the jiu jitsu field, he’s already shaping and influencing the future generations of jiu jitsu competitors.

In his first-ever course at JiuJitsuX.com, Austin brings you to the leg dragging lab to dissect the technique and show you exactly how to pass the guard effectively with his favorite technique. Here, you’ll learn how to hit the leg drag from various positions including the de la riva, lasso, single leg x, 50/50, and much more.

Not only does this course include the entries into the leg drag position from pretty much any guard, but it also features techniques on how to counter your opponent’s attacks with the leg drag with details on countering the baby bolo and kiss of the dragon.

Target Audience

  • People who have a hard time maintaining the guard pass
  • For those who have a hard time controlling opponents hips
  • For people who want to add to their guard passing game

Topics for this course

30 Lessons

Passing Open Guard

Passing De La Riva

Passing Spider & Lasso Guard

Passing Reverse De La Riva

Leg Drags From Bottom (Guard)

Leg Drag Concepts


About the instructors

Who is Austin Fraley?

Austin began training jiu jitsu in Santa Cruz, California at 14 years old when a new academy opened up in his hometown. In the beginning, jiu jitsu was just a hobby he did after school, but little did he know it would soon turn into his primary endeavor.

At the age of 15, Austin began assisting in teaching kids classes. Which is where he first discovered he enjoyed instructing. Although he was still just a kid himself, he liked the idea of being able to help people understand the sport he was growing to love. 

Before starting jiu jitsu, Austin had average grades in school and was very shy. Immediately after beginning his jiu jitsu journey, things changed rapidly.

Austin graduated high school with well over a 4.3 gpa and became salutatorian of his graduating class. He also went on to become one of the head instructors at his home academy in Watsonville at just 18. In 2016, Austin began training and teaching full time. 


Already having multiple years of teaching experience, Austin was the head kids coach for 4 years, at Claudio Franca Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, Watsonville. 

At 22 years old, he shifted his concentration and efforts to competition. He took a chance in January 2020, and moved to San Diego to train at Legion AJJ

Despite being young himself, Austin has many years of experience already under his belt. Between his years of training, coaching & traveling abroad to compete, Austin's experience is invaluable.

Random Fact About Austin

He eats Chipotle every day

5.00 (2 ratings)

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Very well explained ! This course will teach you concepts not just techniques.

One simple move, but very effective

All Levels

What Will I Learn?

  • Entering the leg drag from practically EVERYWHERE
  • Countering your opponents’ attacks with the leg drag
  • Deconstructing different guards
  • Key details on how to get rid of grips and annoying maneuvers
  • Common misconceptions

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