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David Bishop
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I’ve barely scratched the surface of the Lapel Encyclopedia and bought this mostly because of Andris. With this course Andris proves again he’s a great instructor. Some great techniques to be found here and even as a beginner it’s easy to follow along and learn.
Aaron Willis
Get a Grip
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I loved the human chess concept. It really opened my eyes to what grips are important and when. I thoroughly enjoyed the passing portion the most, because the grips in those positions really make or break the pass.
Spencer Selmon
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Great course that cuts out the fat and really focuses in on the necessary details. Even as a brown belt I am pretty limited in my leg lock knowledge so this course was a great way to jump in without getting overwhelmed. Good stuff!
Matt Hurchick
Modern Passing Mindset
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I am close to halfway through this course and with almost 30 minutes of videos, I’ve learned so many details that it made me rethink how to approach the guard as a whole. The first 2 minutes showed me a key detail that I never knew in my 16 years of training BJJ. This course is a game changer!...
Steven Wise
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Absolutely incredible instructional! Lots of great information, tips and tricks, plays like a flow chart (if they do this, then do that, do this when…etc.), includes an ACTUAL flowchart for when and what positions to do certain things. Beginner friendly, outstanding instruction, 10/10, highly recommend!
Frank Brasington
Catch These Hands
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I was in a tournament recently vs a purple belt (i’m a white belt) and I lost 2-0 and I would say I did as well as I did because of this course as most of the match was on the feet. This course just did so much for my stand up game. I still struggle vs the college wrestlers but people of equal skill/time I definitely have an advantage now.

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