Enter the Matrix – The Red Pill Guard Method

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Are you ready to pick the red pill and discover a life-changing truth?

Tommy Langaker might actually be a descendant of Odin. He’s got some god like jiu jitsu and a guard that’ll get him into Valhalla. Hot of the Worlds podium, he’s here to show you secrets that’ll increase your success rate ten fold.

Learn how to master all aspects of the matrix position. From attacking and sweeping, to countering and defending. Tommy Langaker covers everything you need to know to successfully master THE MATRIX. 

BUT that’s not all, he’ll also be teaching you how to combine well known guards such as the keymaster, collar sleeve & quarter guard into a never ending nightmare of guard attacks for your opponents.

Choose the red pill. Only then will you truly, FULLY, understand the Matrix.

Target Audience

  • Those looking for world class guard playing knowledge
  • For the guard player who has trouble combining and transitioning between guards
  • Those who want to add to their arsenal of guard attacks
  • For those who want to get into Valhalla
  • The grappler that wants to efficiently and successfully take the back EVERY TIME.

Topics for this course

27 Lessons


Crab Riding

Enter The Matrix


Quarter Guard


Enter JJX Theatre Mode

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5.00 (21 ratings)

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Great audio and video. Plus I like his accent

Great! Thanks

How this footage was shot is wonderful. The audio is clear, the camera positioning is great, and footage is crisp. This a great instructional and I hope Tommy and Espen continue their Viking Raid series with future Jiu JItsu X projects.

Its great.

flott lærerikt


Amazing stuff as always from tommy, would highly reccomend


Great instructional

Was waiting for Tommy's instructionals! All of the lessons were very useful for me since I started using Collar&Sleeve with Key Master and was searching for some good instructional about that types of guard. Thank you, Tommy! Now it's time to drill it.

I have only just begun watching these videos but I have learnt alot watching Tommy over the years and this is something I've been wanting to see for a while. Highly recommend to everyone.


What Will I Learn?

  • Entering The Matrix Efficiently
  • Countering Opponent Defenses
  • Transitioning Between Guards
  • Combining Guards
  • The Keymaster
  • Submissions
  • Key Gripping Details
  • Drills

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Jiu Jitsu X is better

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