Enter the Matrix – The Red Pill Guard Method

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Are you ready to pick the red pill and discover a life-changing truth?

Tommy Langaker might actually be a descendant of Odin. He’s got some god like jiu jitsu and a guard that’ll get him into Valhalla. Hot of the Worlds podium, he’s here to show you secrets that’ll increase your success rate ten fold.

Learn how to master all aspects of the matrix position. From attacking and sweeping, to countering and defending. Tommy Langaker covers everything you need to know to successfully master THE MATRIX. 

BUT that’s not all, he’ll also be teaching you how to combine well known guards such as the keymaster, collar sleeve & quarter guard into a never ending nightmare of guard attacks for your opponents.

Choose the red pill. Only then will you truly, FULLY, understand the Matrix.

Course Curriculum


Crab Riding

Enter The Matrix


Quarter Guard


Enter JJX Theatre Mode

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Course level:Intermediate

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