Keenan`s Closed Guard Course

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You`d think that Keenan sees the closed guard as a relic from the past… maybe a reminder of a simpler time when people weren`t enlightened by the power of the lapel, however, that is not true. The closed guard is still very effective and efficient, all you have to do is understand it better than the person trying to get out of it. If you suffer from the condition known as closedguardis suckis, then you should know that the doctor is prescribing this course.

To make the most use out of the closed guard, your two main goals are as follows; getting an overhook on your opponent or pulling an arm across the centerline of their body. Here you`ll find the many ways in which you can set up these positions even when your opponent is being stubborn and how to effectively regain closed guard when you lose the position.

Closed guard sweeps Unfortunately, you can`t always submit your opponent from every position, therefore the next best thing is positional advancement. Find out how to pull off moves such as the Xande sweep, the flower sweep, and more. Mastering these techniques will not only give you a better shot at winning the match but will also mean that it`ll be much harder for someone to execute them on you.

Closed guard chokes and joint locks. Learning all these is cool but knowing exactly how to secure the win with a submission really is the cherry on top. In the submission sections of this course, you`ll find new twists on timeless classics guaranteed to give you greater confidence in this position.

Target Audience

  • For all skill levels, and body types.
  • For the senior grappler or the young competitor looking for a secure way to score IBJJF Worlds gold.
  • For someone looking to build a dangerous guard system.

Course Curriculum

Introduction To Keenan’s Closed Guard Course

Closed Guard Entries And Concepts


Closed Guard Chokes

Closed Guard Joint Locks


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4 Ratings
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3 years ago
3 years ago
Simple, very effective and well explained. With that course I definitely improved my closed guard play.
3 years ago
I liked how the course was broken up into three sections. The 1st section talking about the position of closed guard and concepts behind it. I used to just use closed guard as just a way to run the clock if I`m up by points. There were a lot of small details I was missing in my closed guard game that really helped me improved.

I am looking forward to seeing what Keenan will add to this in the future. I can tell from the dates added that new material has been added but I would like to see a bit more before I dive deeper with one of the other courses.
Course level:Beginner

What I will learn?

  • Learn how to get to closed guard safely.
  • Learn what makes a good closed guard dangerous.
  • Learn how to keep your opponent in closed guard with no way out.
  • Learn how to threaten your opponent with submissions to maintain closed guard.
  • Learn how to sweep from closed guard.
  • Learn how to submit your opponent right from closed guard.

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