The Submission Only Course

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Does your opponent frequently weasel their way out of your submissions? Or maybe you find yourself constantly winning matches on points but failing to secure victory with a submission? In this course, Keenan will take you through a range of submissions, how to successfully prescribe them to your opponent and how to defend them when you screw up and get stuck in one. After finishing this course. you`ll be equipped with all the tools to terrorize your opponent, whatever the position.

Submissions from the guard. One could argue that effective submissions from the guard give jiu jitsu the edge over other grappling arts. By attacking from the bottom, you can submit a much larger opponent. In this section, Keenan takes you through some of his arsenal that will hopefully ignite a bond between you and submissions from the guard.

Submissions from the back & turtle. The back is one of the most dominant positions in jiu jitsu and getting there is an opportunity you don’t want to miss. Your internet sensei Keenan is a back attack aficionado and submits his opponents from this position frequently. This section consists of lessons that will drastically improve your finishes from the back.

Submissions from side control. Being able to pin someone in side control is a huge advantage. This is because side control has a lot of variety when it comes to submissions. Join Keenan as he dives deep into a plethora of high percentage submissions of all types such as arm locks, shoulder locks, chokes, & more!

Submissions from the top. Are you ready to absolutely terrorize your training partners as soon as you get on top of them?! GOOD. In this section, we`ll focus on attaining technical mastery when submitting your opponent from the top position.

Submission defense. At some point in your jiu jitsu career, whether you like it or not, you`ll get stuck in a submission. Now that you`ve come to terms with that, it`s time to find a solution. In this section of the course, Keenan will show you how to escape, defend and crush your opponent`s submission dreams as you take them one more step away from the win.

Target Audience

  • This course has been developed for every belt rank including white.
  • Designed for people who struggle securing and finishing the submission.
  • You’ll learn how to spot submissions before submissions spot you.

Course Curriculum

From The Guard

From The Back & Turtle

From Side Control

From The Top


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8 months ago
Unbelievable how Kenan can break down complex positions like closed guard into simple focus areas for success. One tip from Kenan on how to “practically” pass closed guard vs “how it is taught traditionally” has me passing brown belts closed guards as a two stripe white belt… the professor at my school is asked daily how to deal with my closed guard pass and so far no one has an answer (hint: hold the armpits)!!! Keep the practical tips coming!!
1 year ago
Great- Used a ton of these techniques. I focused more on the details he explained verbally. I rarely ever train in the Gi and was able to take 2nd at Worlds. Now I train a ton and always bring these techniques to the mat to see if it's a fit
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Learn how to submit your opponent from guard.
  • Learn how to submit your opponent from the back & turtle.
  • Learn how to submit your opponent from side control.
  • Learn how to submit your opponent from top.
  • Learn how to defend submissions.

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