The Underworld: Underhook De La Riva System

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Is your de la riva less deadly than a white belt’s x guard? Two common modern guards played in jiu jitsu today are the de la Riva guard and the x guard. These 2 guards give the guard player (you) infinite pathways to submissions, sweeps, backtakes, and more. But nothing great ever came easy. Rome wasn’t built without a plan, and your open guard will never become truly dangerous without one either. Wait, did we just give you a plan?

Enter the underhook de la riva. The underhook de la riva system is a mega-hub for several loops of many different positional exchanges of different guards. It is an extremely powerful offensive guard playing position that will easily allow you to get to your opponent’s back and submit them using the techniques you will learn from Margot inside this course. WARNING! High percentage techniques.

Destroy your opponent’s weight distribution, stance, & weight shift. If you can understand these 3 things, it will make it easier to sweep your partner. 90% of the time, sweeping your partner isn’t about forcing the technique, it’s about where their weight is now, and where you want it to go so you can follow up on top.

What’s included in my ticket to the underworld? Everything will start from the underhook de la riva position, from there, Margot Ciccarelli, a certified underworld veteran takes you through everything you need to know to destroy any guard passer attempting to pass your guard. Inside, you will learn the Jenga pit stop, submissions from the Jenga pit stop, modern ways to transition to the back from x guard, crab ride to the back, re-inforcing your underhook de la riva using the lapel, and much, much more.

Not sure where to begin? Follow this course’s flowchart HERE.

Target Audience

  • For those who want to destroy their opponent's base
  • For those who have a weak De La Riva guard
  • For those who struggle to efficiently sweep, take the back or submit their opponent from guard

Course Curriculum



Front Side Underhook De La Riva

Back Side Underhook De La Riva

Lapel Underhook De La Riva

Student Ratings & Reviews

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16 Ratings
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2 years ago
She is a good coach, explain things clearly even if it is kind of a complex guard.
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
2 years ago
Wonderful explanation of a really dangerous approach to DLR. It's changed my game and enabled my DLR to be so more aggressive. Probably my favorite instructional on this site.
2 years ago
2 years ago
the cats pajamas!
2 years ago
great course & wonderful explanations, really enjoyed the content!
Harry Fall
3 years ago
Really solid details expanding de la riva game
3 years ago
3 years ago
Margot has a great way of explaining the how and why of her techniques.
3 years ago
Mars has a tenacious grip in Open Guard concepts and philosophy (excuse the pun). Her teaching style is clear, succinct and really tries to help the learner understand the structural mechanics of the position, which in turn has helped me with the overall pathways of movement from the position. What does this mean? It means rather than following a paint by numbers style approach to learning/deploying techniques, you can implement a game plan for every scenario you find yourself in.

Thank you to the English Lady with the John Wick moves!
Really good information, delivered in a very easy to digest cogent manner.
Very much enjoy Margot`s unique style and take.
Great details, and concepts. Can`t wait to go drill these.
3 years ago
Been a fun of underhook DLR for a while now, but I couldn`t really find a complete set of information about it. This instructional is something else and so is the level of Margot as an instructor. The way she breaks down the concepts and principles in this instructional, is one of a kind and I would like to see more instructionals coming from her.
3 years ago
1st I want to say that I reached out to Margot Ciccarelli and asked her about her system with No-Gi and she says that she`s planning on expanding into no-gi and if you already have the course you should get the no-go added on when it comes out.
So thanks for Margot for the quick response. I like the system. Probably will take a a while to master it but I`ve found it useful because I play a lot of DLR and X and I end up in Mantis Guard without many options. This has helped me add some attacks for when I have that underhook. I would recommend this for anyone who plays a lot of DLR.

Also I think Margot is a good teacher. She breaks things so that you understand the details and the purpose of the movement.

For jiujitsu x it would be nice if you could add some subtitles for your videos.
Course level:All Levels

What I will learn?

  • Setting Up The Underhook De La Riva From Multiple Positions
  • Taking The Back From The Underhook De La Riva
  • Submission Set Ups From The Underhook De La Riva
  • Sweeping Your Opponent From The Underhook De La Riva
  • Setting Up Multiple Underhook De La Riva Variations

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