• 25 Lessons

    Reverse Kimura: Half Guard

    Just like inside Drew’s Reverse Kimura from Closed Guard course, you will learn how the reverse kimura grip can be your power tool to make your half guard a place where YOU get to attack and dominate from. The reverse kimura grip from half guard is more than just a one-trick pony submission, it is a form of control that will offer you sweeps, back takes, and more dominant positions, all from bottom half guard. Do you want to step up your half guard game? This course is a must-have for your Jiu Jitsu X library.

  • 37 Lessons

    Reverse Kimura: Closed Guard

    The reverse kimura might sound like just another fancy submission, but don’t let the name fool you, this is not just another finisher, it’s a full guide to dominating your opponent from closed guard. Once you slap on the reverse kimura grip, a whole world of unusual, nasty submissions, sweeps, and transitions to powerful positions will open up. Do you want to step up your closed guard game? This course is a must-have for your Jiu Jitsu X library.

  • 43 Lessons


    Master one of jiu jitsu’s greatest weapons for controlling and submitting larger and stronger opponents with as little effort as possible, brought to you by the Latvian Sniper himself, Andris Brunovskis.

  • 39 Lessons

    Monoplatus Magnus

    Drag your opponent into deep waters and make them pay with one of jiu jitsu’s most underestimated weapons. Join Josh Hinger as he reveals the secrets to his trademark monoplata system.

  • 87 Lessons

    The Submission Only Course

    Equip yourself with the necessary tools to terrorize your opponent, whatever the position. In this course, Keenan will take you through a range of submissions, how to successfully prescribe them to your opponent and how to defend them when you screw up and get stuck in one.