Playing Open Guard

Join Keenan as he reveals his secrets to an un-passable guard. Expand your open guard playing field, from timeless classics to more "modern" jiu jitsu guards.

Keenan Cornelius · November 2, 2020

Does your guard feel like lego? Stiff, immobile and crumbles under slight pressure?

In this course, Keenan will show you how to sharpen your guard playing skills by teaching you concepts that will allow you to adapt to any scenario. Learn how to trap your opponent into an infinite web of attacks regardless of your experience, age or body type. The more they struggle, the closer they get to an inevitable ass-whopping. 

What can you expect in the course?

Playing De La Riva & Reverse De La Riva

The revolutionary De La Riva guard and the Reverse De La Riva guard are known as classic guards nowadays and are probably the most played guards in any academy, hence why it’s important to know them well.

In this course, Keenan will show you how to effectively play both.

Playing Butterfly Guard

The butterfly guard has been on the competitive scene since the beginning but that doesn’t mean it’s any less effective. Do you want to know a great thing about butterfly guard? It can be used extremely well in both gi and no-gi and you’re about to learn why.

When the butterfly guard is used properly, it ties in really well with a lot of the “modern” jiu jitsu positions. In this butterfly guard course, Keenan will show you exactly how to do just that.

Playing Lasso

Have you ever been stuck in a good, no, GREAT, lasso guard? You feel like you can’t really do anything unless your opponent decides to attempt an attack right?

The lasso guard is essential for playing guard and guard recovery is a very dynamic position seen at all belt levels that everyone should learn and know how to master.

By completing this course, you will be gifted with all the tools you need in order to own an unpassable lasso guard. We’ll be covering how to control, maintain your guard, sweep, submit, and how to connect and combine it with other guards.

Playing Spider Guard

Spider guard is an extremely dangerous guard if you’re good at playing it of course.

What makes spider guard so dangerous is the fact that you can attack straight away off initial grips when you pull guard.

It can be snappy and very unpredictable which exposes your opponents to triangles and omoplatas.

Spider guard also gives you the flexibility to transition into other common open guards such as lasso guard, de la riva guard and even closed guard.

Get creative with it.

Open Guard: Single Leg X, X-Guard, 50/50, Sit-Up, Lazer, Collar Sleeve, Crab

These open guards will give you the basic awareness and tools needed to diversify your open guard skills PLUS many of these open guards can be used as an entry into the lapel giards, which is an added bonus.

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Playing Open Guard